Push Notifications

The ability to engage with clients in a rapidly changing world is critical.

Did you know:
  1. Only 15-20% of your customers see your emails.
  2. Only 3-5% of your customers see your Facebook posts .
  3. Yet 97% of your customers will see a mobile app message (push notification).

You can now also customise your push notification based on user’s subscription preferences

Choose your audience when sending messages

You can send the message only to specific circular locations or set a geo-fence area around your location and as soon as users enter they’ll receive the  notification

Customise the push notification appearance

You don’t need to limit the message to text; you can also link the message to a tab within your App, a URL or even send a photo with a message

Mailing lists

Prompt users within the App to subscribe to your mailing list to take advantage of offers, events and specials. An easy way to create a database.















We all love a freebie! Rewards users for being loyal – you decide the activity; coffee, massages, dog washes, haircuts, etc.

Mobile Shopping Cart

Users spend more time buying within Apps than on browsers. Give your users the option to buy from you.













Make it easy for users to see upcoming events, and save them on their device. You can then send them a reminder.

Image gallery

We’re all visual creatures. Display your images in the App. You can even link to your flickr, Picasa or Instagram accounts.

Robust Analytics

Access how your users are interacting with your App and develop your marketing accordingly. You can even check analytics and send push messages on the go through our support App.

Enquiry form

Set up a fully customisable form to allow ease of engagement by users. They don’t need to search your email as all they need to do is press “submit” and it will be sent to your email address










You can select the information different users can access. Public access could be general whilst detailed information is only available to subscribers. Perfect for internal business information accessing too.


Allow users the convenience to book appointments on the go. Perfect when your business is closed and they can’t speak to you – your App is open 365/24/7